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.info gTLD Market Share by Country April 2008


The above map shows how .info registrations compares with other gTLDs for each country around the world. The darker the red the greater the percentage of info domains compared with .com, .net .org and .biz

The darkest colour (1) means there are more .info's currently registered than .com's, .org's, .net's and .biz's - A (2) like Russia means only .com has the more registrations then .info. (.net .org & .biz all have less market penetration.)

Medium size .info map - 1024x525 (71kb)

Larger size  .info map - 1600x820 (128kb)

Much larger .info map - 2415x1237 (151kb)

The base mapping is courtesy of the CIA Factbook

A similar world map for .info in April 2007 shows how the distribution of .info registrations has evolved over the last year.

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